Playing it safe - playing at home


In these strange times of staying indoors and “staying-a-float”, we realize that along with the hardship, there is also an opportunity.


Staying indoors can be a fantastic time to enhance creativity and celebrate discovery through playing and learning.

Especially on days like these, we are happy to share with you a fun and creative bath time idea for the whole family to enjoy together - Yookidoo "Jet Duck" themed, printable paper boat !

Simply print, color and fold according to the instructions, or watch the video we’ve prepared for you. All done? Great! Now let’s go and float it in the bath!

Share these delightful family moments with us by tagging @yookidoo_intl on Instagram and Facebook. We will be gifting the best posts with Yookidoo’s awesome Jet Ducks racing your way… so….don’t miss ‘em!     

Turn bath time into fun time with Yookidoo!

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