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General FAQ

  • Where can I Purchase Yookidoo products?

    Yookidoo products can be found at large baby and toy chains as well as at independent children’s retailers. Search the Where To Buy section on the Yookidoo site to locate the retailer nearest you.

  • What kind of warranty does Yookidoo offer?

    Product warranty can be found here.

  • Where can I find assembly instructions for my Yookidoo product??

    In order to find assembly instructions for your product, go to the individual product page and click on the “Instructions” button on the left of the page. There you’ll find the instructions as a downloadable PDF.

  • My Yookidoo bath toy has stopped working:

    Yookidoo bath toys tend to stop working when the propeller or filter are blocked by dirt, hair, soap, or rust. This can easily be fixed by cleaning the filter with soap and water. For regular maintenance, rinse it well in clean water after each use to remove soap residue, before allowing it to drain and dry out. Please look for “How to fix Yookidoo + your product name” on YouTube or search the FAQ section on the product page of the specific bath toy that you have.

  • Some Yookidoo bath toys are battery-operated. Are there any safety concerns?

    Yookidoo revolutionized the bath toy category by developing patented motorized bath toys. There are no safety concerns regarding putting our battery operated bath toys in water because the battery compartment contains a rubberized seal which prevents leakage.

  • Are there any other safety concerns?

    No, Yookidoo toys are rigorously tested for international safety standards and meet the highest possible standard. Our products are free of phthalates, BPA, lead, and PVC.

  • What is the date code and where can I find it on the product?

    The Yookidoo date code number helps us track the production date of the product. In order to find the date code on your product, find your product on the website and click that product’s FAQ to learn where to find the date code.



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